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We believe that our position in the Water Facilities and Environmental Treatment market in Turkey and in the World can continue with the continuous development and motivation of our qualified human resources.

With this belief, we are primarily investing in people, focusing on practices that will support our corporate values ​​and activities that will improve our human resources. Starting from recruitment, all our employees reflect this understanding.

In our employees; We always keep the features such as dedication, focus on service quality, giving importance to customer satisfaction, leadership, transparency, humility, efficiency and reliability. Because of the fast-growing, dynamic, changing and learning-based production, we are implementing comprehensive programs so that those who do not have an institution can have an institutional culture.

As a company that supports change, is flexible, responsive and valued; In order to make our employees feel safe, we are investing in every field to provide value to them and the corporation, we look forward to the future by relying on our employees' knowledge and experience.


Our Human Resources Policy is based on our values, by continually improving our system approach and standardizing our improvements, while making measurable results;


Finding solutions to problems,

Taking responsibilities and pioneering in practice is creating an employee profile.


Business health and safety in our company is our first priority. All necessary activities are carried out in order to create a safe and healthy work environment. In line with the needs of our employees, all kinds of training opportunities both in Turkey and abroad are provided. Our company is a company with high job security for our employees. In our company, career opportunities are obvious. Our company is managed on the basis of mainly established systems and rules. But it is the continuous improvement of the existing systems and approaches expected from our employees.


Company strategies are applied in recruitment and placement issues and new orientation training is given to newcomers. The purpose of the ETRASU staff selection and placement process is to find the most suitable candidates selected according to the company's vision, mission, target competitiveness, and basic competencies appropriate to the business.


The minimum promotion periods and conditions required for a person to move to a higher position or a parallel position have been determined and are based on systematic principles: There is a training plan and a follow-up system to support personal development and organizational development of the employees. The level of education varies depending on the career development of the persons. "Career Mapping" also plays a leading role in activities such as backing up people at critical positions in the organization, developing staff, assigning tasks to specific projects other than education, or implementing rotation.


Fees in ETRASU are determined mainly by the assessment required based on the competencies required by the job and on the competencies, responsibilities, training and work experience.


At ETRASU, performance evaluations for employees are made periodically. The aim is; To establish a feedback mechanism, to increase job satisfaction, to provide efficient work, to determine personal development and training needs and to develop employee skills, to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process, to make career planning and reward successful employees.


ETRASU has embraced it as one of its most important missions to make the development of its human resource sustainable. Personnel are provided with in-house training as well as domestic and overseas training in line with the training needs determined by considering the performance results and career development opportunities.


ETRASU is available both for Vocational Schools and University students with summer and winter internship opportunities, with the specified qualifications and number of student admissions.


In line with our corporate strategic goals and vision, we aim to recruit candidates who have the competencies required by the job analysis and job descriptions in the recruitment process as human resources with the principle of "Right to the Right Worker." The annual cadre plan is the recruitment determined by the results of new investments and career planning process In line with their needs, Human Resources conducts interview and evaluation phases with related departments.

The ETRASU recruitment process consists of 5 steps;


Candidates who have graduated from Engineering, Chemistry and Administrative faculties are required to have good English language knowledge. TOEFL, YDS, Foreign Language Preparatory Class final exam is required as a foreign language leveling exam and the score of the candidates must be at least 50.


In the candidates who are graduated from Engineering, Chemistry and Administrative faculties, Personnel Inventory is performed in order to evaluate the candidates' behavior priorities by determining their behavior priorities. For other positions, Psychotechnical Tests, which is a behavioral measurement technique that is used to determine the different aspects of the person, is applied to recruitment.


Candidates are interviewed by the Human Resources Department.


Candidates who are graduated from Engineering, Chemistry and Administrative faculties, relevant department managers and Human Resources are jointly interviewed.


Candidates are required to undergo a medical examination and a health report (Delegation Report) to determine whether there are any conditions that may interfere with their medical work in the workplace. At the end of all stages, successful candidates are commissioned at ETRASU with the completion of the necessary approvals and permits.


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The purpose of ETRASU's internship service; To prepare students for the future by contributing to the individual development in the context of their education and the application dimension to the students who are studying at universities and colleges.

During your internship, you will have the chance to experience the joy of working in an organization with a mini project to develop your knowledge and experience, most importantly ETRASU's vision being "World Company". In order to take your internship application into account, it is absolutely necessary to apply for "2013 YEAR ATTRASU Summer Internship" between 1 February - 31 May 2013 on Your applications will be evaluated according to the internship procedure. You can follow the latest status of your application from our site and email addresses that you specify in your application.

Thank you for your interest in our company and wish you success.

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