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ETRASU was founded on February 6, 2013 in Payas (Yakacık) in the southern part of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, 17 km from Iskenderun, with a turn-key work and works established by our country.

ETRASU projects, which are established to provide water and environment treatment laboratory projects, construction, mechanical manufacturing and assembly, electrical automation software and hardware turnkey projects and to provide TURKAK accredited water and environmental laboratory services in international and domestic quality standarts, iron and steel processes, energy Operates and maintains water treatment facilities and environmental treatment projects such as water treatment plants, power plants, air separation facilities, textile, food, paper, chemistry and DSİ, İlbank, organize industries, municipalities and hospitals.

ETRASU TURKAK accreditation studies, which accept the principle of constantly developing, using new technologies, sensitivity to the environment and making a difference in its products and services, and water and environment analysis laboratory studies mainly in the Mediterranean and south of Turkey. In addition to these studies, it is possible to use fuel oil, tar, asphalt, motor, Storage of products, designing of filling and unloading stations such as highways and sea roads and turnkey construction works, and the gathering, storage and shipment of all kinds of stocks in the enterprises in accordance with the regulations.


15 June 1998 DANONESA Hayat su Pozantı Drinking Water Facilities

3 January 2000 Water Treatment Chemicals Sales and Technical Support (Nalco, GE, Henkel)

4 January 2015 İSDEMİR Water Facilities and Environmental Management Department

12 July 2006 VI. Air Separation Water Facilities Commercial Operation

15 Ağustaos 2006 Completion of İsdemir Fuel Tanks and Tank Site Modernization

October 6, 2006 VII. Acquisition of Lime Plant and Cooling Water Systems

2 November 2006 Establishment of the 1st Slab Casting Water Plants

January 24, 2007 I. Slab Casting Water Facilities to Commercial Operation

February 13, 2007 III. Modernization of Blast Furnace Water Cooling and Y.F Gas Cleaning Systems and Installation of the Plant in Commercial Operation

7 March 2007 Establishment of a 150 m3 / h Nanofiltration Plant and Commercial Operation

18 April 2007 Modernization of 400 m3 / h Water Liquidation Facility and Taking Over the Plant

May 21, 2007 Isdemir Mersin Stream Refurbishment and Modernization of Freestanding Lines

18 June 2007 Establishment of cooling system in the scope of steelworks modernization and takeover

September 22, 2007 Establishment of the First Converter Cooling System and Taking Over the Cycle in the Scope of Steelworks Modernization

October 23, 2007 Dredging of Slag Tumba and Water Sprayer (Cooling Plant)

November 30, 2007 V. Modernization of the Establishment of the Coke Battery Water Cooling System and Production of the First Kokun

February 11, 2008 VI. Establishment of Coke Water Cooling System Modernization and Production of First Kokes

February 14, 2008 II. Establishment of Slab Casting Water Plants and Taking into Commercial Operation

22 February 2008 Completion of Modernization of Coke by-products Water Facilities

March 24, 2008 VIII. Acquisition of Water Facilities of Lime Plant for Operation

April 15, 2008 Isdemir Fuel Tanks Modernization of the Establishment of Sea-Road Filling and Discharging Stations and Acquisition of Commercial Operation

June 12, 2008 Modernization of Waste Oil Storage and Separation Plant and Taking Over the Plant

July 7, 2008 VII. Operation of Air Separation Water Plants

29 July 2008 Establishment of Water Plants from 1 & 2 Slab Heating Furnaces and Acquisition of First Production

2 August 2008 Establishment of Hot Rolling Mill Water Plants and Production of First Coil in Hot Rolling Mill

August 15, 2008 Establishment of Waste Stockhouses and Waste Assessment - Taking of the System into Commercial Operation

1 November 2008 Construction of Hot Rolling Mill Water Plants for Commercial Operation and Construction

1 December 2008 II. Establishment and Installation of Slab Casting Water Facilities in Commercial Operation

July 7, 2009 Service Water Well Ready for Commercial Business and Acquisition to Business

7 July 2009 Aslantaş Cevdetiye İSDEMİR Completion of Water Conservation Project and Commercialization of the Plant

16 September 2009 In the context of Steelworks Modernization II. Establishment of Converters Water Facilities and Commercial Operation

19 October 2009 Scissors and Slitting Lines Cooling Systems to Commercial Business

18 February 2010 Isdemir Payas Drinking Water Facilities and Gas (May) Chlorine Disinfection Systems Establishment Modernization of Commercial Operation

22 November 2010 Establishment of Aslantaş Water Conservation Gas Chlorine Dosing Plant and Acquisition in Commercial Operation

30 November 2010 In the context of Steelworks Modernization III. Establishment of Converters Water Facilities and Commercial Operation

28 June 2011 2. Establishment of Water Facilities of Sinter Plant and Acquisition in Commercial Operation

19 August 2011. Establishment of Blast Furnace Water Plants and Purchase of Commercial Facilities

23 July 2012 Gazi Metal Cold Rolling Mill Auxiliary Businesses Project and Investment Consultancy

6 February 2013 Foundation of ETRASU


  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Honesty Reliability and Transparency
  • Accountability and Accountability
  • Ambient Sensitivity
  • Competition and Justice
  • Creativity and Participation
  • The Happiness of Stakeholders
  • Mutual Respect and Love
  • To own the company and be self-sacrificing


To accept our "First Human" understanding as our company's most valuable asset, to provide a safer and healthier work environment,

To comply with applicable laws, regulations and regulations on Occupational Health and Safety,

To ensure the implementation and maintenance of the requirements of TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System,

Taking Business Health and Safety as the top priority for all our activities,

To increase the level of awareness of our employees with regard to Occupational Health and Safety, training and other activities and to improve their behavior in a positive way,

With the use of new technologies and efficient resource utilization, we are able to minimize the risks of Occupational Health and Safety in our company,

To prevent injuries and health deterioration and to improve the system continuously.


ETRASU has adopted the principle of raising the environmental consciousness of its employees and the society by giving continuous education while choosing eco-friendly technologies considering the environmental effects of their investments and being environmentally friendly while dreaming about projects to be a world company aiming at sustainable development.

For this purpose, ETRASU is carrying out its activities in the.

Comply with current legal regulations,

Efficient use of natural resources, especially water resources,

To take environmental pollution precautions, to minimize waste, to encourage recovery, to dispose of non-recoverable wastes,

To share the knowledge, know-how and equipment acquired in the field of environmental management in the direction of open communication principles with other institutions and organizations,

Being a pioneer in environmental practices, by setting an example for other industrial organizations,

In line with the determined principles and objectives, it undertakes to monitor, record and continuously improve environmental performance and to ensure the continuity of its activities.